Use and advice Led Candles

Our LED candles remain most beautiful if you handle them neatly and carefully.

♥ Light a candle
Click on the white part just below the flame to light the candle.

♥Help! The candle is too big for my candle stand
Do not push or twist to make the candle fit! If the candle is a little too thick for your candle stand, you can carefully make it slightly thinner with a sharp knife. Do this layer by layer and wait a while before removing another layer.

♥Help! The candle is too narrow for my candle stand
Use a candle sleeve or piece of aluminum foil at the bottom.

♥ Sunlight
If you expose the candles to sunlight (outside or behind the window) they can discolour. This applies to the candle but also the flame. That is why it is better not to place them in sunlight. They can also deform due to heat.

♥ Cleaning candles
You can do this carefully with a very slightly damp cloth.

♥ Replace battery
You can replace the battery by turning the candle upside down (put your hand underneath it), the 'pin' will then fall out. You can also pull the flame very carefully, but this is at your own risk. The batteries can be slid into the bottom of the pen, screw the cap back on and carefully slide the pen back into the hollow candle. Want to see an example? Check out our Instagram page under the highlight LED candles for the instructional video.

♥ Enjoy!